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Hunger’s not rad. Snacking is.

It’s kind of our motto around here.

I’m Different is a functional snacking brand for those who crave something different.

It’s where epic taste meets wickedly clean ingredients.

It’s a brand for those that have different standards not only for the snacks they choose, but how they live their life.

We’re cut from a different cloth too – we totally get you.

But dude, what’s with the 80’s vibe?


The 80’s were awesome. Neon colors, MTV, Classic Nintendo, and Michael Jackson at his baddest.

It was a rad time in my life that I can’t help but get nostalgic for.

I knew when I started this company, I wanted to combine my modern-day approach to snacking - clean ingredients and nutrient dense superfoods - with the vibes from one of the coolest decades.

Building a company for me has always been about more than just creating a wicked product. It is about connecting with people who approach life in a similar way.

The whole experience of creating this brand, is an example of doing things differently. Seeking out the unconventional, intentionally making choices that will set you apart, breaking away from the status quo.

Crave different. Think Different. Choose Different.

Stay rad,

Eytan M.
Let’s stay tight,

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